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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Day 72 - A Day Catching Up / 12000+ Miles / Movie Night

I left my spot for the night as I usually do and went to McDonalds and contemplated driving towards central California and then decided to hang out in Havasu Area and do some shopping at Walmart and actually cook some fish today.  I have been wanting fish for a couple days and have been way to busy to stop and take the time.

The other thing is that wher I want to go may be crowded on a Saturday night so I will go tomorrow after the weekenders go home.

There was an antique car show right next to Walmart so I checked out well over 100 cars.  At least half had been modified.  One old Ford with a Chevrolet engine in it.  The list of what was in the vehicle was often no parts from that the time it was built.

The age of the people showing and looking were just about the same, 60 something's.  I fit in!

It was a big show and some cars were for sale.  One was $22,000. 

I have had the idea over the years of getting a vehicle and fixing it but I'm am a stock kind of guy.  I am also realistic that I don't want to take my time to do it as I have too many other things I like to do.  

It would have been a good project when my boys were growing up to spend time with them doing it.  Now I rather visit them and their families than have this kind of project and then bringing it to shows.  

I know life would have been different if my boys had settled down near home as I would have had more time with them as adults and seen my granddaughters more often.  As a result I get to have a gret time traveling to see them and the time we spend together is quality and not superficial.

A bit of digression there.  😳

The other day I went over 12000 miles for this trip.  With at least a 1500 miles to Monterey again and around then about 4000 miles to get home I am now thinking this year will come in around 18,000 miles.  

Of course the trip odometer above says 2609 but you need to add 10K miles as the odometer does not track the extra digit.

Oh my!  That is more than I would have ever guessed.  Last year with the Class B Campervan I drove about 13500 miles.

I am on the road for 3.5 months or about 15 weeks so that is more than a 1000 miles a week.

Ok, no complaints but it's hot here.  It was well into the 90's in the shade.  I'm glad to be back in the tee shirts and shorts but my body is trying to accumulate again.

I'm headed to central California tomorrow and the temperature will be moderated from what it is here.  Some Vandwellers have already started moving north to get to cooler days and nights.

Last night it was mild all night with lows on the 60's.  At least it cools down quickly when the sun goes down.

In actuality posting my blog this month has had me go over my 5gb data plan twice so I'm working on 7gb each gb costs $10.00.  That isn't too bad for what I have published.  

I only share the highlights with everyone, so ther is a lot of editing.  Sorry for the misspelled words, but at some point its all a blur after working on it each day for at least 2 hours.  I do all my work in my IPhone to simplify integrating the pictures.  My phone is getting funky with memory management and I will limp home with my version 5 but a IPhone 6 is in my future.

Thanks to all that have followed and shared comments.  I have people that want the pictures.  I have others that like my people stories, and others that would like more insight into me by how I'm writing today.  

It's a real job blogging each day.  I have followed many others and daily blogs, never mind the ground I've covered, or what I've seen, only blog randomly.  

I travel a lot the rest of the year but don't blog during this time as I couldn't keep it up.  For the next couple of days I will be doing this kind of writing.  A peek into who I am I guess.  I will share experiences that were back burnered while I was busy just getting the places I visited out.

I did get an anonymous comment today thanking me for my Great Salt Lake Island visit.  A relative passed my blog sling to him.  

The other day when I was writing my Pentfecta on Utah National Parks I thought I could be a good tour guide for the first hand information I now have.

Tonight I am talegating watching TV that is from the back of my hatch.  It's a TV broadcast Movie Channel here in Havasu City.  I'm going to watch the movie The Seven Year Itch.

Yes it stars Marilyn Monroe.