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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Day 48 - Starr Pass Trail Hike - "Focus" the Movie

One thing that Tucson has over the Phornix area is that getting to a trailhead is easier with less traffic and mountains are closer.  I chose this location to hike today as I have not been there before and it wasn't a long drive to get there.

I got to the trailhead early and it was still relatively dark due to cloud cover.  I scared up these deer near the trail.  I had to lighten the picture so you could see them.

This picture gives you a good idea how dark it was still.  It was 46 degrees out to so layering was necessary as it will be warming up to the 60's..  I planned for a long hike with plenty of water and snacks.

The trail is gravel and sometimes small rocks but not too steep.

There was Mickey Mouse symbol cactus lookalike along the way.

The trails are not marked that well.  I met a Brittish runner on the trail and he asked directions back to the trailhead.

It is about 4 miles to get to this pass to the trailhead on another road on the other side of the mountains.

I then proceeded to walk around a large section of mountains before the trail changes direction back towards the other side.

The clouds were sliding south and the sum was about ready to come out.  I met about s dozen hikers ont he back side of the mountain and one moutainbiker there too.

As I made my way around the mountains two more hikers and another mountainbiker.

After a snack and bandage on my left foot big toe I was on my way back.

A selfie using the selfie stick.

There were plenty of spribg flowers now out for viewing.

I was stopped by a biker who was looking for directions on where the trails go as some sre not on the trailhead map.  I showed him my AllTrails map for guidance. 

Check out my track at;

I went just over 9 miles in 4 hours.
My elevation gain was 735 feet.  This isn't a big vertical clinb but the distance made up for it.

As I headed back to Tucson diwntown I caught this rain cloud hanging over the north city mountains.

(Photo from google search)

On the way back I caught the movie Focus with Will Smith as a expert thief who meets a less proficient female thief and they team up and have a strained relationship.  The movie has a lot of twists and turns to keep the interest through the movie.

I met up with the vandwelling friends this evening and the moon being almost full made for a good photo with sun setting colors.

A few minutes later here is a picture of the actual sunset into the western sky.


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