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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Day 49 - Disc Golf / Trip Finances

My favorate Disc Golf Course in the Tucson area is Manara Rock Disk Golf Course.  It's very challenging and lots of walking. I got up early to head to the Pilot Truck stop for a shower and it was in the low 40's when I arrived at Manara.

This is how I found it today.

Tucson had had significant rain this year compared to last year when this retention area only has a small pond to the right that provided for a choice of one hole that you cans play as a dog leg to get around the water or you can try to play over it hoping to not loose your disc in the water.

After waiting for the sun to moderate the air temperature to the 50's at McDonalds I went to the closest next choice to play

This is the Santa Cruz River Park closer to down town Tucson.

There were a number of players on the course but the first tee was open.  There was a threesome ahead of me and another single a few holes back after the 8th hole that the threesome had allowed me and Bill to play through. 

Bill a man in his thirties caught up to me as I got held up waiting for a twosome caught up to.  This allowed Bill and I to play the remaining holes together.

Bill has been playing for a year and he throws backhand and I through forehand to drive and backhand to putt.

His drive goes out to the right and drifts back to the left at the end of the flight.  Mine does just the opposite.  I think we could be a good doubles team based on the number of baskets that are behind trees.  His drive goes further than mine but I se to have a little more accuracy on the mid through as with shorter distance my throw is relatively straight.

It was fun to have someone to meet and play with.  

I stopped at at one of the parks and made egg roll-ups for dunch.  When I met up with Vandweller friends one had made dinner and had some left overs like a pot pie filling so I tried it out.  It was good.

I worked on my trip finances today and I have spent $404 for gasoline for the 8627 miles I have driven on my 2015 travels.  That is $.0468 per mile.

Big items include:
$533.94 for my tire blowout accident 
$434.20 for lodging.  Most of that was for stay in MD on the way to FL
$404.02 for gas
$336.46 for groceries
$199.23 for dinning (not all for me)

Total costs so far $2,217.75

We first had sunset and I hung around to check out the full moon rise

The picture quality is off as the phone camera picked up the foreground and adjusted for it.


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