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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Trip Learning 9 - Choosing Not To Insulate Myself

Being on the Fire Department for 46 years gave me the chance to see lots of good and some bad in our society.  There is something in seeing both the good and bad that grounded me to a level of appreciation of what I have in life.

During my trip I also got the same exposure from my visit to "The Villages" in FL where no blades of grass was out of place to the poor sections of cities I visited.  What is appealing to many about "The Villages" was unappealing to me.  Yes the houses, neighborhoods, and yards were immaculate and beautiful, but it reminded me of the movie Stepford Wives.  It was a bit too perfect.  

Since my visit to "The Villages" was early in my trip this impression stuck with me and it was well into my trip that it came to me that I wouldn't like to live there.  There is no diversity!

I have always looked for veriety in life and I like being around all kinds of people including children (youth).  I remember being in Geniva, Switzerland sitting in a restaurant one evening on a layover for a flight home in the morning and a young lady was obviously excited and with a bunch of friends.  She went from table to table giving a kiss to everyone saying it was her birthday in French.  When she was finished with all the tables she and her friends left.  I was excited for her birthday happiness and I was also glad to have had the experience.  I have had experiences on my travels all my life and my campervan trip was no different meeting all walks of life, economic levels, people of all ages, and people happy and sad. I wanted to experience as much as I could and I did.  

I do appreciate that there are 55 and older places to live, but at least for now they are not for me.  I want all that life has to offer.  I don't want to block out certain segments.  Instead I want to embrace it all just like I always have.  My choice for a place to live is a small town with a community spirit with all the problems and challenges that society has in store for us now and what it will give us to deal with in the future.  I want to be part of this community and travel to expand my world so I don't get a false sense of what reality is.

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