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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Shed Building Day 2

This morning Brent & I got started at 7:45 as we didn't want to make noise too early and disturb his neighbors.  Brent & Manina live in a housing development where houses are close together.

Since the shed is going to be about a foot from the house we needed to complete that entire side before lifting it into place.

Building the shed this way required some creativity.  After making the first rafter assembly I needed to make the wall studs to overlap the rafter with a notch.  Lots of angles and special cuts, and a few spots with chisel work.  Brent painted 3 sheets of siding yesterday for use today, as once this wall is up painting is a poor option in the narrow space.

Brent is cleaning up the sawdust after dressing the T1-11 and putting in the vent.

The wall went up with just the two of us and a couple of 2x4's as braces until the side walls that I already framed were put up to hold the end.

Here is how far we got today.  There is actually more work that has been done as prep for tomorrow.  For example I cut all the remaining rafter pieces.

The siding formed the looseness of the structure up nicely.  It also squared up the whole unit.

Tomorrow it is expected to rain all day, so  it may be a wash of a day.  We have planned to possibly assemble the rafters to get a jump on Saturday.

As of right now I am doubtful that we can complete everything on Saturday.  If not Brent will need to finish what remains.

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