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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Trip Learning 1 - I Brought Too Much Stuff

This is the first in my series of leanings on my trip.  I will continue to post each learning from the trip until I have no more to post.

Learning: I brought too much "stuff" with me.  Nearing the time when I was going to leave on the trip, I got to the point when I just tossed in items thinking that I may use them.  For example, had ordered the bike rack for the trailer hitch that met up with me in FL.  I took the trailer ball insert with me in an under seat compartment.  Why? I have no clue.  I carried this heavy item on the 13+K miles.  I'm sure it didn't help my gas Milage .

I brought too much clothing.  Shirts (polo, short sleeve, long sleeve), shoes, tee shirts, etc., fishing equipment, small blankets, and coat.

When I was in Phoenix waiting for Brianna to meet me on the trip I bought a large box from Home Depot and stuffed in stuff I had not used and shipped it home via UPS.  This was a approx. $75 expense that wasn't necessary if I had planned better.

I also brought other items that I didn't send back and never used.  

The reality was that once I got west of El Paso, TX I wore shorts, tee shirts and sandals every day I was in the warmth.  Yes every day!  Well, unless I was hiking and I wore hiking shoes in place of sandals.

I thought I was a good planner and I wasn't.

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