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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Shed Building Day 5

I didn't leave Maryland today.  

My plan was to get up and get shingling early.  Before we could shingle though, we needed to install the trim on the gable ends.  This required more time than expected.  

After the trim we needed to install the drip edge on the gable ends too.  That went well, but the design of the slope ends for the shed didn't have an extended overhang so I needed to come up with a drip edge. 

The drip edge that we used on the gable ends was only a couple of inches wide not leaving much for nailing and way to little for the side drip edges.  We experimented with a plastic drip but this didn't work so I sent Brent to Lowes to get the drip that we used before but he came back with a wider right angled piece of aluminum.  

It didn't work as is but with Brent's suggestion of bending the L shape to fit, I tried it and it proved to be an excellent drip edge.  It made a great edge to set our shingles to and gets the water that comes off the roof a few inches off the side of the shed.

Then it was time to put tarpaper on the roof while Brent worked on the lower trim.

Lastly as time was ticking away and wanting to leave for home by 3:00 pm, Brent and Manina had a party to go to and the roof was not yet done.  

The decision was made not to leave Brent with the roof unfinished knowing he doesn't like heights and wouldn't have a solution of getting the roof completed if I left, so I stayed and decided to go home Monday.

I worked into the evening trimming the door frame and making the door parts.  I didn't get a chance to assemble the door and hang it, so I left Brent the parts for him to do.  Went out for pizza at 8:00 pm.

Back then at Brent's house to pack the pickup for travel home tomorrow.

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