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Friday, May 16, 2014

Shed Building Day 3

 Heavy rain came down over night and this morning it was still pouring.  The good news was that rain should be over by noon and we should be able to work this afternoon.

We went to Rainbow Play Structures to allow Avery and her friend AJ time to play inside due to the rain.  Rainbow gets $6.00 per child for 2 hours of play on their large sales floor.  

After lunch at Jersey Mike's, Brent and I were pulling out the tools and uncovering the lumber to work this afternoon.

Today we put siding on the front, built the rafters and layed out the from gambrel and started making and installing the the studs to it.

Overall we were glad for the sunny warmer weather this afternoon and the opportunity to stage to put up the rafters tomorrow, roof sheathing, and hopefly some shingles.

In addition to the roof I need to build the double doors and hang them.  Brent has to install the trim boards and do the remainder of the painting after I leave, and he may need to do the shingles or finish them if we get started.  We would have had plenty of time to complete this in 4 days if we hadent run into rebuilding the block foundation that took 3 extra hours and lost a half of a day today.

Tonight we all went out to eat Mexican and then a ice cream before Brent and I went to Lowes for the last of the 2x4's we need and the roof sheathing.

When I come back in August I will be helping with power for the shed.

Day 4 of shed building tomorrow.

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