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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 66 - 3/23/14 - Highland Games / Disc Golf / Divergent

I was up before the sunrise and on my way from the casino I stayed at last night.

I went McDonalds nearby and had very fast WIFI to download my podcasts.  Most McDonald WIFI is relatively slow and it takes awhile to download files.  There was also a McDonalds over by Goodyear that was very fast too.  I can see myself visiting this McDonalds in the future to download other files in the future.

After my drink and downloading I decided to attend the Scottish Festival / Highland Games near downtown Phoenix.

It is the 50th Anniversary of the Games.  I usually try to go to the games in Queeche, VT in August and didn't get to go last year.

As with most of these events they have Celtic dancing, vendors selling all related items and food, clan tent areas, beer tents, piper area, and game fields.  In Vermont the have sheep herding events that they don't have here.  The did combine a Brittish car display.

Pole Toss Event

Spectator Tents along the field.

Competition Trophies.

British Cars

 This picture is for Clay who has an MG.

Here is the field for the stone toss and the bail of hay over the post.

I stopped at the Cameron Clan and said to them they need to add the MacAloney name as we are supposed to be under their clan.  The had the other similar spellings.

I also met a nice man who represents the Scottish - Irish Society.  I had never seen them before and was unaware of their existence.  There are many Scotts like the MacAloney's who left Scotland and landed in Northern Ireland.  In the MacAloney case Antrim Northern Ireland, where they came to North America after a few years.  In my case to Nova Scotia and in others who also came over in the late 1700's to the Carolina's.  There was another visitor to the tent who's situation was just that.

I met a wife who's husband was competing in the events.  He is a firefighter from Gilbert.  He also competes in Firegihter competition events.

By mid afternoon I headed out to the disc golf course I like in Chandler and the park it is with as it is generally not crowded as it doesn't have much shade.  Being on a hill it has the breeze.  With the camper windows open to allow the wind to flow through the 85 deg day was nice.

I played 18 again but my game was no better for having played it yesterday too.

A young man playing disc golf saw the Massachusetts license plate and struck up a conversation.  He is from southwestern Connecticut.

As evening was started and sun setting I decided to head out for some entertainment.

My choice was the movie theater to see Divergent.  I thought it was very good as it kept my interest and was exciting.  The ending left it open for a sequel.

Then I drove back to the casino for the night.

Tomorrow is Monday and time to think about doing laundry and getting the oil changed again on the camper, but I have a desire to climb first.  I have the week to work on those things.

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