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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Day 62 - 3/19/14 Hover Dam & Grand Canyon

Sorry for the late post.  I just posted a story on Facebook about AT&T revoking my data privileges when out of network at the Grand Canyon last night.  

The only problem was my phone said AT&T the whole time until I was revoked. For more info on this you can check out my Fasebook post.  

I am back online now that I am south of Flagstaff and on an AT&T network.


We got up early and on the road to the Hover Dam visit and on to the Grand Canyon for the night of camping there.

Our approach to the Hoover Dam with Lake Mead in the picture.

I dropped Brianna off on the Dam and I went and took this picture from the parking lot in the AZ side.

Neither Brianna or I are interested in open heights so we didn't climb the bypass bridge over the Colorado River.

Then the about 250 mile drive to the Grand Canyon.

Brianna on the edge!

Another pose.

As you can see it was very crowded and in some cases you dad to wait in line for a good spot to take a photo.

As with my last visit about 18 months ago you get to see elk up close and personal.

The time of day has a lot to do with color and shading.

We camped overnight at the Grand Canyon National Park.  This was a first for me.  I chose the campground with hookups and I was glad I had made reservations as it was sold out.  Having the hookups helped with the low temperature that went down to 17 deg.  We ran the HVAC on the roof for heat.  It worked great.

Tomorrow we are up and on the road to Sedona and a AZ State campground for the night. Brianna's last night on travel with me as she is on the red eye to Boston Friday night

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