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Monday, March 3, 2014

Day 46 - 3/3/14 Beach Hikes / Butterflies / Bike Ride / Pismo Beach / Mike & Sharon

My day started with a long morning beach hike. The morning was bright and sunny and mild.

After a few miles on the beach it was time for my $1.00 shower, or should I say 4 quarter shower.  The campground I am at is run by the county and as I mentioned last night I'm in a small area near the beach which I like.  It being remote from the main campground down the road doesn't have cable TV and the shower is coin operated.  3 minutes was doable. The main area has a free shower and you get cable TV but you pay $10.00 more per day.  

I was on my bike for a good part of the day with a ride up the coast highway to a Pismo Beach.  The Campground Host that I met this am advised me to stop on my way to see the Monarch Butterflies down the road.

Most public campgrounds have hosts that are there to assist and address ant issues that come up.  The woman that has this job here lives in her trailer for no cost and works 20 hours a week for it.  Not a bad retiree job if you like staying in one place.

On my bike ride up the road I stopped for the butterflies.  They were out but not in large numbers. It was esrly and it hadn't warmed up much.  The butterflies don't fly below 55 degrees is what I learned.

The butterflies cluster in these trees.

This is downtown Prismo Beach.  A picturesque town that is one of 5 towns that are melded together.  The fire department is one department that covers all five towns.

My selfie at the Prismo Beach / Boardwalk / Pier wearing my new bright yellow pullover when I ride the roads so s am more visible.  I got it at Walmart for $15.99.

Here is a shot looking down the pier towards town.

Houses rise up from the center of Prismo Beach to the hills above town.

After leaving Prismo Beach I rode my bike back to Oceano and past the Butterflies again.  This time they were very active flying over my head as I rode by.

I was headed to see Mike & Sharon.  Mike is Denise's cousin and Sharon is his wife of 40 years.  We haven't seen them for some time and never here at their home in Oceano.  They are retired and have been for some time.

We had lunch together at their home and caught up on families.  It was fun to see them again and now that Clayton and family will be moving to Monterey I hope we can get Denise here as part if one of our trips to see Clayton in the future.

After my visit with Mike & Sharon I headed back to the campground and got out again for a long evening hike on the beach for sunset.  I estimate my bike ride was about 15 miles including side trips.

It was colder with a stiff wind off the ocean than last evening.  The sunset tonight wasn't quite as good as last night but I can't complain about it.

Tomorrow am I move on up the coast highway towards Monterey.  I may stay over at Big Sur for tomorrow night but I will see.

I am looking forward to Brianna my niece who is flying out to spend her week of spring break with me.  We meet in Phoenix on 3/15 and we are traveling from Phoenix to Loughlin, NV to tour the Hover Dam to Las Vegas for a couple days to the Grand Canyon to Sadona and back to Phoenix.  I will use next week to make my way back to Phoenix.

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