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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 49 - 3/6/14 San Francisco & Hike

It rained overnight enough to wake me with the tapping on the fiberglass roof.  By morning the rain had passed and sky's were clearing and reasonably warm.

My camping spot last night.

Not far up the road from Monterey on the way to San Francisco on the coast highway I saw this roadside stand and went back to but some friuit.

10 grapefruit for $1.00
Bag of oranges for $2.99

Price was right.

The Coast Highwsy eventually turned into driving along the shoreline up hills that jut out to the ocean and then down past inlets.  So there were a lot of up and downs.

There were many field in blossom with these yellow flowers.

I came across this picturesque lighthouse that is now a hostel .

One hill I didn't need to climb over with the camper.  I just drove through it.

Eventually San Francisco was in site.  The houses all look while but they are multicolored but light colors.

This is the coast highway CA 1 going through San Francisco.

Finally the Golden Gate Bridge was in sight.

I drove over and stopped at the other side and decided to take a couple Camper selfies.

Across the bay is San Francisco.

Just then I decided I was going to walk the bridge.  Fighting off my inner self telling me no as I have some acrophobia, I decided to go.

Hi all.

Here is the center of the bridge with the suspension cable at the lowest point.

Looking back at the parking lot the large white object is the camper.

My final destination was the MT. Tamalpais.  When I arrived I found out camping is for tents and an RV is an after thought.  Relegated to the lower parking lot where all but a couple parking slots are on a steep incline.  I was told that RV's can't set up until 6p and it was 2:30.  I replied nicely that I have nothing to set up just need to park.  She understood it was a parking lot and all I was  doing was parking.

She then told me I needed to be out by 9a. Ok on that too.  I get up early and on the road about 8:00.

I paid $25 to stay and don't like the campground and there are no shower so I will wash up in the camper like I did at the Walmart parking lot.

I am the only RV here.  I decided to stay as I wanted to climb the mountain here and the closest place is a good 1.75 hours away.

I decided to focus on hiking.

I am camping at the Ranger Station bottom center.  I took a trail up to the top center of the map and walked down the road (black) line going down from the top center to the left curling back to the Ranger Station.  That is about 6 mmes round trip and 1000 foot elevation change.

There is a man made amphitheater part way up.

Also a couple nice waterfalls.

As it has other afternoons the ocean fog rolls in with the sun goes down.  It go real thick.

I am able to get TV and 1-2 bars of cell coverage.  Not enough for data for surfing the web but good for text messages and email.

I haven decided on where I am going tomorrow.  Will head south as this will be as far north that I will go due to weather coming in up north of here for this weekend.  

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