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Saturday, February 25, 2017

Day 55 2/26/17 - Meeting Friends On The Road

Living on the road in my Prius provides me opportunity and time to make new friends and to visit with some friends, and relatives too.

Last September I was taking a friend from England on a two week tour of the southwest.  While in Zion we ran into a couple from the neighboring community.  We knew they were planning to go to Zion but from the itinerary they had originally provided it looked like we would miss them by a day.

The guy had been over picking my brain on where to stay and go on their trip as they had a family thing that their travels was planned around.

He was to pick my brain again before I left but didn't make it to the house for a visit before I left.  I found out that he was traveling solo and was in Tucson this week.

Since I was returning to Tucson from eastern AZ I texted him and we met for dinner after we took respective hikes at either end of Tucson.

Come to find out he flew into Phoenix and rented a car and drove to New Mexico down I25 and across I10.  He is headed to Phoenix for some spring training ball games then to Sedona, Flagstaff, Grand Canyon, before heading back to Phoenix and then off to see his west coast children for a visit.

A number of people are interested in what life is on the road.  I look to this blog to convey the realities of my life on the road and what I do with my time. I don't find it hard to keep busy.  I find it hard to take down time.

Since leaving home;

- Attended the RTR / met up with old and new friends.
- Met oldest son in Seattle & spent weekend in Victoria, BC
- Met cousins in Victoria
- Spent week in San Diego with youngest son and family.
- Flew home for death in family and got to see some friends while there
- Met up with vandwellers in between and after San Diego
- Met friend from home here in Tucson 
- in between the above I have met and hung out with folks I know along the way 

This has been my routine so far this year.

Still in the wings ahead of me;  
- Visit son and family in San Diego one more time if it fits
- Visit aunt outside Chicago.
- Visit cousins outside Atlanta
- Attend at least one week of the Southeast GTG
- Visit son outside of Baltimore

Along with my future plans I have my backcountry hike and many other things to see and do.

I am not suffering from boredom. 



  1. Dont forget you need to also take in some spring training games! :)

    1. Brent,

      I was going to try to sneak a game in this week but my focus has been on getting ready for the backcountry hike. Will try to get to see some disc golf pros too.