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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Day 48 2/19/17 - Desert Dwelling In My Prius

After leaving Tucson yesterday (Saturday) I stopped at McDonalds for all the downloads I could possibly put on my old phone and then went to a library to work on some things in the internet using a fixed table.

I then stopped at Walmart to restock my fridge and I headed to the higher desert of eastern AZ to organize my new 50 liter backpack and start to do some hikes with the newer larger and heavier pack. 

The goal is to utilize all the equipment and figure out cooking dehydrated food as I have not cooked or eaten it before.  The serving size says 2.5 but if I'm burning calories I probably will need a bag per meal.

The rain I had run away from in San Diego made its way east and I had showers yesterday and today to a less of a degree.  You can see from today's evening picture at the top of the post we still have light showers in the area.

I came to this spot last year for a few days and I have AT&T cell service. If I get on a sand dune I can get a bar or two of service, but where I park my car there is no service unless I'm using my cell phone amplifier.  The cell amplifier takes no signal and is giving me 2 bars of LTE.  This is why I'm able to post while I'm here. The amplifier is working great.

I ate my first dehydrated/rehydrated meal and it was actually very good.  I expect I will carry 4 days of dehydrated food on this hike even though it is a 3 day adventure, to ensure there is enough food.

I won't be eating my daily salad and fruit but where I'm going is worth it.  I can have all that when I get back to civilization. 

After the rain showers pass I will be putting up my tent and sleeping in it with my new sleeping bag and mattress, as I will when I'm on my backcountry hike.

The desert is a great place to test out the equipment for the hike and the Prius is packed to the gills with stuff for this side trip.   


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