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Monday, February 20, 2017

Day 49 2/20/17 - Testing Out Full Backpack

Today was the day to test my new backpack at full backcountry weight, now that the rain has given way to beautiful blue sky's .  

I don't have a scale to yet weigh my pack full.  I will see if I can get it weighed at REI at one of my stops.

This pack has a zippered pocket on the top for easy access to snacks, etc.  There is another zippered pocket in the bottom for easy access to some supplies.  On either side there is room for water bottles that I can access without taking the pack off.

Hanging on the back is my solar charger that charges batteries that can power USB items.

Heavenly, the technical sales associate at REI in San Diego, worked with me to select a bag that met my needs.  After I selected the bag she set the adjustment system on the pack to sit at the right spot on my hips and back.

The backpack carried the weight exactly as I would want and it wasn't long before I wasn't thinking about it.

I walked 4.6 miles through desert sand that is tough to walk on, and I used muscles that I don't usually use.

Next is to test the tent, sleeping bag, and mattress. 



  1. Exciting...makes me want to go to REI...freedom!

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      I've worn the pack a few times but this was with the full weight and it gave me confidence for my backcountry hike in March.

      I am reviewing more equipment from REI in my practice overnight tenting.