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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Day 44 1/15/17 - The Funeral & Overnight in Boston

Today was the family funeral.  I have things to do before we arrive at the funeral home at 9:30.

The home computer needs updates, and one piece of software needed replacement.   Also I needed to delete mail and scan documents so I can work on the taxes while on the road.

Of course I didn't finish these tasks leaving them to this afternoon.

After the funeral home gathering by family, it was off to the church for a mass.

Then to the Massachusetts Veterans Cemetary for internment. (Picture above)

The veterans cemetery here does an excellent job.

The family pitched in to assist with readings at the church and at the cemetery it was nice to have a joint effort. 

Everyone was invited to a local restaurant (picture of the pond outside the restaurant room we had for the gathering) to enjoy food and friendship.  Last night at the wake I saw many people I don't usually see and even more today.

It was fun to catch up with folks and share some quality time.

My son from MD is heading back on a flight from Boston tonight.  My CA son and I have a 6:00 flight back tomorrow am.  So, it was decided to get a room for the night near the airport to save having to get a ride back into the airport first thing in the am. Plus it would be a trip in starting at 3:30 am to be able to make the flight. 

I will be back in CA tomorrow afternoon and will stay the night with my son and family before heading out on Friday to resume my Travels.

Although there was lots of snow and it was cold the fun of seeing friends and relatives made the trip all worth while.

In addition, the MacAloney boys seldom have the opportunity to see each other making our gathering more special to me


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