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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Day 35 2/6/17 - What Do You Do On Rainy Days

One of the top 10 questions I get as a Prius dweller is "What do you do on a rainy day?

The reason I get this question is because of the small space of the Prius and perceived no room to do things.

Well, today it is raining in the San Diego area, so this often asked question came to mind.

It is true that I'm not going to bake cookies on a rainy day, but I can't bake cookies anyway.  I can do many other things in the Prius.

I can still make my meals, although I only cook with 12 volt electric items.  

- Breakfast - I make hard boiled eggs in my rice cooker.  Make oatmeal from how water from my RoadPro hot water heater.

-  Lunch - Soup on a rainy day and I keep a can of hardy soup on hand to cook in my rice cooker.  Another option is making a sandwich.

- Dinner - I like my rice cooker so making rice, and or noodles with fresh veggies or small cans of veggies mixing in some precooked chicken.  Pasta and pasta sauce is also good.  I've also made beans and hotdogs.

If it rains all day, I will plan to go to the store and walk around, or visit a library.  Museums are also a good choice.  

I've been known to take a nap during an afternoon shower to pass my time.

Social media is always a good choice to absorb yourself.  I have three places in the car to do this.  Drivers seat, rear seat and inclined in bed are all good for me but the reclined in bed is better for me if I'm spending a few hours.

Of course I'm staying with my son here is not so sunny California right now, but if your near the ocean it can be fun to park along the ocean in a rainy day and relax.

I'm not bored with my choice of traveling in the Prius but have been known to drive a couple hundred miles to another location to get away from a bad weather pattern.  For a Prius 200 miles is only about half a tank of gas, and that is only 4 gallons. So moving does not break the bank.

Thanks for the question in how I deal with rain.


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