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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Day 51 2/22/17 - Dealing With Spare Time

Here I sit in my Prius this am, out of the tent I will be using for my backcountry trip.

This brings up the fact that I've been awake since 4:15 am listening to prerecorded podcasts on my old phone, now used for that purpose.  

After 3 hours of laying in my sleeping bag listening to podcasts it is now warm enough to get out of the tent.

Since it is in the 30's and 40's at night I wait until sunrise at 7:00 am to try to get some thermal heat to warm up.  

When I'm on my backpacking trip I will be ready for bed when it gets cold after dark and in the tent for about 12 hours.

I sleep about 7 hours.  Fires are not allowed where I am going on the hike, so it is not possible to take up time by sitting around a warm fire for a few hours before bed. Therefore, I have about 5 hours of dark and cold to pass the time in my sleeping bag listening to podcasts in addition to the 7 hours of sleep.

I can only hope I get more than 7 hours sleep so I have less time to have to pass by being awake staying warm in my sleeping bag listening to podcasts.



  1. I hate those long 12 and 14 hour nights in winter, they are the worst to deal with especially when it's cold, and even worse when tent camping or backpacking. However, ever since digital books and podcasts came out though, it's made it easier. Perhaps you could download some movies as well, or documentaries to your phone or pad. I feel for you.

    1. Roxy,

      I will need to look into videos as they could provide an alternative to the podcasts.

      Where I was testing my backpacking equipment I was able to get AT&T signal only with my cell amplifier. I was at least able to get news podcasts and manage my blog. When I'm backcountry I'll need to buffer my blog so I can get my thoughts out and then post when back in signal range.

      Knowing where you go I'm sure you have had the same problems