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Friday, February 3, 2017

Day 32 2/3/17 - Holtville Hot Springs to San Diego

I left the Holtville Hot Springs BLM land this morning after saying goodbye to one old and 3 new friends from the RTR.

Being a nice day I decided to drive along CA98 through the Imperial Valley, just to the US side of the Mexican Border, with green vegetable fields to Calexico, CA.

I have never driven this route and it is more interesting than driving I8.

Beyond Calexico you drive west through the desert and to the foothills (picture above) where I met I8 and on my way over the mountains to my new destination of San Diego to visit with my west coast son and family for about a week.

Now in San Diego I see Pyle's Peak in the distance and make it my destination for a midday hike to help with my conditioning for my future backcountry hike now planned for March.

This mountain is the highest peak in San Diego proper.  It is also one of the most popular hike with a small parking lot that is awways full and side streets are lined with hikers cars.

This is an excellent hike at 1 mile or longer based on where you park, and at least 800 foot elevation, but this also changes based on where you park.

My March hike is 10 miles with a 2000 decent on the way in and the hike out of the canyon up the 2000 foot elevation in the last 2 miles.  I averaged about 2 mikes per hour going up the nearly 900 foot elevation.  My March hike will be like twice that elevation over twice the distance, carrying a full pack.

My stay in San Diego will have some number of hikes along with ordering lightweight hiking equipment for the March hike.

Today I ordered a second pair of hikers I now use to ensure I have a backup and to allow me to have a spare.  I estimate I have hiked about 200 miles on these shoes at home and since I've been on the road.  

I will be helping my son son some projects around the house while I'm here, like I've done in the past.  I enjoy keeping busy.



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