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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Where In The World Is Brent?


I have done a terrible job of posting on what I have been doing and seeing because of poor cell service..  After leaving San Diego and being sick with a bad cold that lingered, I moved to Lone Rock Campground just into Utah from Page, AZ.

I was there a few days, but at Lone Rock Campground I had poor cell service (Off Network) and couldn’t work on blogging as I need to upload my pictures and work on blog posts.  I could only do this in Page at McDonalds or the Page Library.

Anyway, my WiFi time also gets split to download podcasts to stay up with what is going on in the world.

The bottom line is that for AT&T subscribers you don’t get AT&T often in southern Utah and when you do it could be anything from Edge, 3G, 4G, or LTE.  I’ve had all of them and I can say that there is no guarantee that any will work beyond voice and text.  

Where I’ve been, most of the time I have no signal or Off Network.  What you get off network is whatever AT&T negotiated with that carrier.  Usually, voice and text only!  That means that apps don’t work.  If you get data consider yourself lucky.

So where have I been?  Mostly all over southeast Utah, as indicated with the picture of the map above.

Towns I’ve been to that you may want to check on a map.

Bullfrog, UT
Mexican Hat, UT
Bluff, UT
Natural Bridges National Monument 
Bears Ears National Monument 
Hanksville, UT
Caineville, UT
Fruita, UT
Valley of the Gods, UT
Hite, UT
Kane Gulch, UT
Fry Canyon, UT
Noton, UT
Ticaboo, UT
White Mesa, UT
Blanding, UT
Hovenweep National Monument 

Many of these places are out of the way on dirt roads.

Have fun looking them up while I continue to head out for about another week of discovery of southeast Utah so I can add to this list.

Specific location posts will have to come with time once I am regularly with cell service.

I’m getting good use out of my high clearance Tacoma with camper in these remote places.



  1. Good to hear you are alive! Do other carriers have better coverage? Satellite?

    1. Happy Runner,

      Yes Verizon is overall better but not without its coverage holes. The other day on a BLM Road my friend and I were at odds about a camping spot. It had AT&T but no Verizon. Other places it is visa versa, but in general here in Southern Utah Verizon is better. In Southern AZ it doesn’t seem to make a difference. At the RTR AT&T was better than Verizon this year and the best it’s ever been in a Quartzsite.

      I don’t have any experience with Satellite phones and data, other than my looking at them and they are expensive. The best bet are libraries but coffe shops work too.