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Thursday, March 22, 2018

Butler Wash Ruins

While exploring southeastern Utah, I drove on UT 95 many times, even staying at nearby Comb Wash.  I drove by the Butler Wash Ruins Overlook a few times before stopping to take a look at the cliff dwelling from across the canyon.

I seem to be captivated by how Native Americans came to live in these alcoves and then as mysteriously, depart the area. 

What I didn’t know when I visited this ruin was that Butler Wash had hidden secrets.

Such beautiful country with the snow covered mountains to the north.

The hidden secrets?

Here I am at yet another cliff dwelling in a wash.that is over 25 miles long, that isn’t marked for public viewing.  This one is only about a quarter of a mile from another simular unmarked ruin.

This one ruin has been visited by other respectful visitors, leaving chards of pottery they have found in the nearby dirt mound.

Others left chards in a grouping on the mound.

Across the canyon wall, and between the two ruins, is a Petroglyph panel, with both old and possibly new markings.

In my last post about Bears Ears and how the Trump Administration removed most of the protection from public land development that Obama had put on for the greater Bears Ears area.

There are marked ruins and Petroglyphs in most washes/canyons in southeastern Utah and it would be a shame to open up such areas for licensed development by our Federal Government.


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