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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Devils Golf Course - Death Valley National Park

I’ve been to Death Valley a few time during my yearly travels.  This year I obtained a whole new appreciation for this beautiful National Park.

Take the Devils Golf Course for example.

What looks like ruggard baron land, is actually a thing of science.  How the salts left over from leaching and drying leaves deposits that are as unique as anything you will see anywhere.

These deposits provided difficulties for early settlers to pass over.  If it wasn’t for the road to the middle of the salt bed to view I couldn’t have walked through it without twisting an ancle.

What amazes me is that the salt crystals have been moving and forming this way for thousands of years.

We are amazed by old redwood trees for example but sometimes we just don’t think how amazing natural things like these salt formations really are.



  1. Hi Brent! I played Frisbee golf for the first time today and had a GREAT time. I thought about you a lot during the game. Thanks for your inspiration!

  2. Timothy,

    That’s great news - I’m in UT and have not played in awhile. I can’t wait until I get back on course. I hope we meet one day to play together.