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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Sick On The Road

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I usually get sick on the road at least once during my travels.  Usually it’s a 24 hour thing, but I had pain in my side one year and I went to clinic.  

Well, it’s happened this year.  It started out like a cold on Wednesday.  Thursday I felt so drained that rather than play disc golf I just climbed in my camper and slept 3 hours.  Then I arrived at CA son’s house and slept two more hours.  By evening I had the chills.

On Friday morning I was supposed to go to my granddaughters class for family day but standing made me feel nauseous and a little off balance.  I was going to have my Tacoma serviced too but I stayed in bed for the day, feeling a bit better to go out for dinner with family

Overnight Friday to Saturday I could tell my body temperature had corrected itself.  

Feeling much better but not perfect I got up early and arrived at Mossy Toyota for my truck servicing.  

I’m glad I didn’t get the flu on this or any of my travels.  If I had it would be miserable.  It was nice to crash at my son’s house but that isn’t always possible.  I do have some friends scattered around the southwest that I could contact if I did need help.

It’s good to have vandweller friends that look out for each other.

Now you know why I haven’t posted lately.


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