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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Moki Dugway

(Google Pic)

In the map above to the left of the Valley of the Gods is Maki Dugway.  It’s best you look it up for details, but 3 miles of up hill on the face of the messa with 1.5 with road and wide spots to wait to pass and no guardrails.  

It sounded bad and put me off driving up it until I fixed my camper mount that broke.

Anyway, for me it was in part paying attention and no stopping for photos and why I’ve included one from Google.

It’s part of the Utah Scenic Byway.

Above is the Google Map of the road.  

(Google Pic)

I would drive it again and I feel I have been on worse roads like Mt Washington Toll Road in New Hampshire driving in zero visibility at times.  Out here there are many other Mountain roads that are not well maintained and more challenging.  

I’d drive it again


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