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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Installing The Prius Bed (Part 5 - Installing Bed Platform)

The time has come to install the bed platforms.  Above I am installing the 60% side that I sleep on behind the front passengers seat.  I utilize the Prius fold-down rear seat pivots to mount my platforms. Note that these platforms are multi-articulating and are shaped in a way to meet the curvature of the Prius either up or down,

This is the view of the underside of the platform.

Above the platform is installed.  Note the curved shape to match the Prius curves.  Also note the hinge on the top and one near the center.

Above I folded down the platform and the support that is hinged swings out and sits on the aluminum bracket I made to support the bed

Next the second hinge folds out to fill the gap behind the front passenger seat.  It is supported by the center console armrest and will also be supported by the water tank/storage unit that goes on the rear passengers side floor.

Next I install the 40% side (drivers).

Although I have designed the rear to be a full bed side to side I have not used it that way as I solo travel, but if two were to sleep in the back this corresponding fold down would allow for full side to side bed.

Here both fold-down's are up.

Since I leave the 40% up and my compressor fridge sits behind it I lock the seat so it will not come crashing forward.

I design my retainer from an eye-bolt that holds the plywood back and to the Prius seat locking bar.

Part 6 will cover the installation of the panels that protect the wiring.


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