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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Installing The Prius Bed (Part 1 - Removal Of Bottom Seat Cushion)

This post is the first of a series of posts on how in install my Prius bed platform.

The first step is the slide the front drivers and passenger seats all the way forward as you will need to climb in the back seat area facing the back seat for removal of the Prius bottom seat cushion.

In the center of each of the two seats near the front of the cushion there are these white clips that the Prius seat has a corresponding tab that locks into.  With some force you need to put your hands under the front of the center of either side and pull up to remove the tab from the white clip.

Above is a closeup of the plastic clip and the metal part from the seat that locks into it.

Once you have the front of the bottom cushion lifted you need to raise the front of the seat cushion a few inches and push down at the crack of the seat to get a loop in the seat cushion out of the black metal tab that sticks down.

Above you can see the rear seat cushion pulled forward and the two metal rings with seat foam on them facing the seat crack area.  This is why you need to push down in the back of the bottom seat cushion to get these free from the black tabs.  Once you have done this you can store the seat bottom.

Above is what under the rear seat cushion looks like.  On the far side (drivers) is the connection for the fuel tank and closer is this milky colored plastic covering the orange cable.  This is your Prius hybrid battery cable.  Later we will make a platform to protect these cables from damage.

Look for blog Part 2 - Seat Belt Removal.


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