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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Two Islands Hike

Its Sunday morning 11/20 and the rain stopped but the low overcast remained but it was good enough for another hike.  I drove east along the coast from Parrsboro to Two Islands.  Depicted in the picture above.  Here is a nature trail that is actually a very rough dirt road to drive down to the beach where you can walk the bluffs.

Yes dinosaurs once roamed Nova Scotia.  Nova Scotia was once in tropical climates millions of years ago.  There is a very nice museum closer to Amherst, NS I have been too where they find dinosaur bones all the time from the eroding banks.  I understand they have found them here too.

Here is the fog and very steep and rutted dirt road that two vehicles did traverse while I was there parking on the beach.  Note this is AM and low tide again.

I mentioned rock hounding and you can see the clay and the mixture of all different kinds and colors of rocks mixed in.

I kept an eye out for bones but didn't find any.

There in the distance is the biggest of the "Two Islands"and you can just about walk to it on the ground left bare by the outgoing tide.

Off in the distance in the haze you can see the peninsula about a mile away that you could walk to when the tide is out.  Not me.  I have seen how fast that tide rushes in.

Above the rain washed the clay away to the ocean and makes this slippery slime.

Washed rocks that used to be in the clay soil that now make the beach.

With the tide out the perpetual stream still makes it way to the ocean although about a mile away.

The above cliff area rock formations and trees behind it actually got me thinking of a Jurassic Park where a dinosaur would come out from behind.  Yea my imagination was running away with itself.

I don't often do selfie photos but figured I would share.

Here is another clay area on the move and more rock colors to check out.

Here is a fallen formation leaving an arch to explore.

I saw this "fall colored" plant resting on the embankment and wanted to add color to my post.


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