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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Parrsboro, NS Tides

Parrsboro incredible tides.

As I previously wrote Parrsboro, NS is noted for the largest tied swing in the world recorded over 50' st the top of the Bay of Fundy. I arrived just after the King Ties in November so today this tide was about a 46' swing.

On Saturday 11/19 I decided to drive around the area as I have been there before but never had the time to just look around the way I like to.

Above is the public dock with the tide out.

On the other side of the public dock here was these boats that were basically dry docked.

Above is a look out to the Bay of Fundy and this is the Parrsboro lighthouse.

There is a lot of water that comes in and goes out twice a day and all sailing must be with the tides.

Above the flat areas are vast and you you can walk them when the tide is out.

But watch out when the tide comes in it is fast and you don't want to get stuck way out and drown.

At high tide the boat that was sitting on dry land is now high and other boats were loading up to head out during the high tide.

Above the flat land that you could walk across at low tide is now under feet of water.

The Parrsboro lighthouse now does duty on this spit of land.

I watched the tide swings twice on Saturday.  So interesting!


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