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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Partridge Island Hike

Partridge Island in the view above at low tide on Saturday AM.  This beach is covered with so many colored rocks that Parrsboro is also known for rock hounds who like to collect them.

At low tide you can walk around the island.  The sign I saw states use extreme caution walking around the island at low tide as the banks are so steep that when the water comes in there is no way to get on the island.  It stated that all hikes should be done as tide is going out so you have enough time to hike around it before the tide chases you back.

Above is a view back towards Parrsboro Harbor.

Here I am on the top of Partridge Island and looking back to Parrsboro at low tide.  I did see a partridge too!

I drove a bit past Partridge Island toward the new power plant built on tide movement.  Unfortunately it was closed this Saturday, but I did get some great views of area, although the rain was coming in.

It rained each day I was there but I was thankful it wasn't snow.

Back in town he tidal rivers are drained during low tide.


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