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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

My 2016 Travel Chronicle

My Prius Campervan is coming together for my 2016 Travels and I will be leaving on 1/4/16.

This year I have my CRVL (Cheap RV Living) sticker to highlight the group I'm meeting up with in Quartzsite for the RTR (Rubber Tramp Rondevious).  Here, others will also travel to Q in all kinds of vehicles and live live in the desert.

Unlike my past two year's travels I am headed directly to AZ and not going to FL first so I can make the RTR that runs from 1/5 - 19/16 which corresponds with the 14 day limit to stay on BLM (Bureau of Land Management) land.  I plan to arrive on Monday 1/11 and stay for the duration if I don't get itchy feet.

In the past I generally post to my blog  daily, but this year I may be grouping some days together.  I will also be posting how my Prius Campervan setup works and the changes I made this year with any trials and tribulations too.

I have a number of changes for this year's travels that I've written about over the fall but they are not tested solutions so this will be my opportunity to tell you how effective they are.  I also have some things that I have not written about that I will be showing you from the road.

The last two years I have traveled to the southwest has been dry and mild.  This year it the weather is so different with rain, mountain snow and cooler temperatures. I've enjoyed the warm fall in the northeast and hope it follows me west.

My trip to AZ could take two possible routes.  If the weather is good (no ice or snow) I will travel on a diagonal from the northeast to the Dallas area and over towards El Paso   Hooking up with I10 headed west.

If the weather along the Ohio and Mississippi River Valleys is not good I will head down the east side of the Appalachian Mountains heading to Beloxi to pick up I10 there.  This will probably add a day to my travels heading west.

I will not be stopping for much other than rest/sleep and once rested I will be moving along.  This means I could be driving at night as well as days.  I have my spots where I have stayed in the past along I10 that I hope line up to my layover spots.  It's my goal to swing back through the southeast in April before returning home.


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