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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Planning My 2019 Travels Based on Weather

Those that have followed my previous years travels will know I follow the weather and plan my routes and locations to stay with weather in mind.

My go to weather for planning is (above) that gives me surface weather maps 48 hours out.  The problem is that I would like more forward looking weather.  I can get 10 day or more city data but I want a map as temperatures are nice to know but not compelling when driving.

My oldest son of the same name is a meteorologist and I took meteorology in college too.  I can look at a weather map and know about what the weather is like from the information.

I found and although it doesn’t have the common surface weather information as found in intellicast, it has the pressure gradients that I can interpret the same information.  They help with precipitation graphics overlaid. Above is current weather.

Above is the weather map for 1/2/19, the day I’m planning on leaving.  From this I can tell the storm and related precipitation will have moved off shore but I should expect overnight temps to be low enough to have some slippery roads as I drive away first thing in the am.

If you look west across the country you can see it’s clear of precipitation and this is what I’m interested in.

There is a high pressure in the center of the country so I can expect the center of the country to have cold temps deep into Texas.

Above on 1/3/19 the high pressure moves east and this means that temperatures in the middle of the country are moderating  

I’m not too worried about temperatures but as you can see it’s still a clear drive to Arizona.

Now I just need to hope that this forecast remains accurate for when I leave.  I couldn’t ask for a better forecast.


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  1. Looking forward to reading about your adventures and living vicariously.
    Safe travels!