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Thursday, December 27, 2018

2019 Travels Days Away

More off roading during 2019 Travels requires the Tacoma and FWC Camper

I’ve been prepping for weeks, well a few months, and making a few changes that I’ll share in the road.

First step is to get the camper off the stand.

With the stand out of the way I back under the camper.  People ask if this is hard.

No it’s not hard.  I do it by myself. I open the truck’s rear window and back under it being careful not to rub it.  I stop soon as I’m under it and prep the cord that plugs into the trucks’s 12 volt system.  I back in more and make some alignment changes with the truck to better align with camper side to side.  Finally I take the small sink drain tube and stick it through the side box hole to drain on the ground when permissible.

With the camper aligned on truck’s bed, I lower it tweeting the alignment as it starts to rest on the truck.

I drive the camper out of the garage and climb inside and open the cubby holes inside and reach in and set the turnbuckles.  The forward ones first then the rear.

I made some changes to the turnbuckles this year so I’ll coverbthat in its own blog post.

Now it’s time to pack the camper and truck.  It’s less than a week before I leave to sun and warmth.


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