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Thursday, September 13, 2018

White Perforated Window Coverings for FWC Camper

I first became aware of perforated vinyl window coverings as Fire Chief, when our ambulance vendor suggested it on a new ambulance purchase.

My first exposure to the use of perforated vinyl for RV’s was when I saw my friends Dan and Brenda’s RV mini bus conversion, with the windows covered.  At this time, a couple years ago, I was on my travels with my Prius. 

When I traveled in my Four Wheel Camper / Tacoma this year, I didn’t like that I had to put up and take down curtains only for privacy.  I decided I wanted to try putting the white perforated vinyl on my camper.

Above is my Amazon purchase for Perforated vinyl.  I bought more than I needed and will share the extra with my friends.

I started with the side window area.  The right side is fixed glass and my starting point.

I tape the vinyl sheet at the top and peal the paper backing down from the top.  As I do I press and deal the vinyl to the glass dealing with wrinkles first and then pull the vinyl back off window and press to the sides and corners.

I use a credit card to move the wrinkles as I can.  Care needs to be taken not to tear the perforated.  I trim with a sharp utility knife blade.

Above is an example of the left and right top window now has the perforated vinyl applied and the bottom right doesn’t.  This shows the visibility you have and how much is reduced when you apply the vinyl.

Above the side windows are all covered including the smaller crank windows.

Here is the final look with all windows on the side covered.

I also covered the rear door window.  This still allows me to view out the back through my Tacoma’s rear view mirror.  

I did not apply the perforated vinyl on the window that needs the rear cab window so I would not reduce my visibility.

The issue of security and privacy is not as much of an issue on this cab window as there is a lot of glass over a distance to try to peer through.  I will use the curtain here as needed.

It’s amazing how well this product works, but if it is lighter inside than outside the camper, you can see in the camper a bit.  There is an advantage not covered above using the perforated vinyl.  That is I get ambient light in and at night in a lit area.  You don’t need to use the flashlight for all nighttime activities.


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