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Monday, May 1, 2017

Days 109 - 117 5/20 - 28/17 A Week With The Family

I have a bit of catching up to do with my blog.  

As I mentioned in my Day 108 blog post, I received a phone call from my MD son asking if I could arrive one day early at his house to watch the granddaughters so he and my daughter in-law could go to a concert in Baltimore. 

I was about 9 hours away in NC and said sure I would go early.

Above, shows my early rise from The Great Smokey Mountains National Park, as I approached Asheville, NC.

It was a fun filled week with the family and getting quality time with my granddaughters.

I got to go to little league games, Red Sox Game, playground, play games in the house and outside, tour Fort McHenry, visit the National Indian Museum, go out to eat with family and 1-1 time with son.

The above photo is of the nearby neighborhood we walk through to get to the playground where cherry blossoms have made a beautiful carpet on the ground.

I even got a round of disc golf in before heading home on Friday, 5/28.

 My return home was 117 days after leaving in January, although I did fly home this year for my mother in-law's funeral.

I am working on a recap of my trip, blog stats and some Prius living posts over the next week before I take a break from my blogging until 2018 Travels.

 Questions / comments are always welcomed.



  1. Looking forward to your last few posts! Going to miss your regular blog updates!

    1. Timothy,

      Thanks for the kind comment and being a regular viewer and offering comments and asking questions.

      Trying to maintain a daily blog is basically a job, but I find it satisfying that so many people have gotten ideas for their current or future travels. I am over 98,000 page views in 4 years of travels.