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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Minimalist Umbrella

Living in a Prius creates minimalist thinking, and this week I was at the Container Store and saw this very small umbrella (right-above).  I didn't carry an umbrella the last 2 Prius Travel years, as I was still working on reducing the number and size of things and feeling a bit too crowded.

I have reduced the size of many things and cut back on what I carry and there is a need for an umbrella as I learned at the SE GTG this past spring.

I do carry a rain suit and my hiking boots are waterproof.  But there were a few times that an umbrella would have been helpful.

The small umbrella I found does not have the push button opener so it is called manual.  I can handle manual, even though one handed push button actuation is a very nice feature.

Size does matter when living in a Prius.


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