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Friday, August 26, 2016

Giving Yourself A Haircut / Living In the Prius

(Hair clipper on left / Hair trimmer on right)

I have written before that my goal of switching from a Class B Campervan to my Prius Campervan was to be able to have as many of the abilities in the larger vehicle in the much smaller Prius but minimized.

My first year of travels in 2014 with the Class B I stopped In Florida at a hairdresser for a haircut and I didn't like the cut.

I thought I could do better by myself.  Well, I could at least try. After cutting my hair every two weeks during my travels I learned how to do it!

I carried both the clippers pictures above/below and practiced with the larger of the two (one on left) that I used to cut my own hair, and have been doing this for ever haircut since then.  I used the small trimmer clippers, on the right to trim my mustache and around my ears.

My first two years of Prius living I have been doing the same haircut thing by carrying and using both clippers to get my hair cut the way I like.

Since every cubic inch is important in Prius living, I decided I would look at down sizing to just one clipper.

My choice was the smaller trimmer clipper.  Practicing this summer has worked out to only carry this smaller trimmer clippers to cut my hair and trim every 2 weeks.

Minimalizing while living in a Prius is self rewarding.  One less thing to store and take up space, as well as it being on the smaller size is a win to me.

I have cut my hair in the Prius when outside clipping is not possible.  I usually find a deserted spot and sit at a picnic table or use my Prius door table to do the cutting.

Inside the Prius I use a small footprint tent tarp under me and tie a towel around my neck with tee shirt to keep clippings off my body.

I then wash my hair that uses a quart of warm water.


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