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Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Last Cookie - 4 Months Of Enjoyment

I have a female friend from town who, for 3 years of my travels has made me a batch of lemon cookies for my trip.

The regular followers of this blog know if it isn't useful or bring joy to my travels I have no room for it.

JL's lemon cookies have a place of prominence for the 4 month 20,000 mile ride.

I have a bunch of philosophies about stuff and one is if it's not in the Prius I can't be temped to eat it.  I could be much larger if I put those comfort foods around me.  I literally buy no sweets.  My sweets come from fruit (fresh and dried).

So, to stretch out JL's lemon cookies to have the last one when I got home took personal discipline.  It didn't hurt to have them in the hatch area of the Prius, well out of easy reach.

Thank you JL for a bit of home along my travels.


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