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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

States Visited - 2016 Travels

My 2016 Travels took me to fewer states than last year, although traveling nearly the same Milage.

The main purpose of my travels is to enjoy winter in warmer climates.  There are many secondary reasons for my travels as well.

They include, but in no special order.

- Enjoying the seemingly endless places of beauty and history.

- Spend copious amount of time outside.

- Excervise by hiking and playing disc golf.

- Spend time with family and friends.

- Attend gatherings of other "vandwellers" - RTR in Quartzsite & Roving GTG in the Southeast.

- Attend interesting events.

Driving nearly 20,000 miles in 4 months means I average over 1,000 driving a month.

I never get bored driving or tired of it.  I drive interstates on the way out to the southwest in January as it is cold and often stormy Texas and further east.

This year I was able to drive down I81 to Chattanooga, TN.  On to Bermingham, AL where I picked up I20 west to Dallas, TX.  Met up with I10 in western TX then to NM with only cold and no storms.

As I was crossing from BM into AZ I hit snow and I decided to get off I10 to wait out the storm, which turned out to only be a couple hours.  I arrived in AZ earlier this year as I wanted to attend my first RTR meetup in Quartzsite, AZ.

Driving this route out down I81 to I20 saved me many miles over driving down I95 to pick up I10 in northern Florida that I have taken in the past to stay away from storms.

In the past I have driven home a more direct route on I40 to Oklahoma City and then head towards St Louis.

This year I wanted to see Big Bend National Park in TX but when I got there a cold rain storm moved in and I didn't want to wait it out so I moved on.

This very southern route through Corpus Christi, TX added a lot of miles but it was all new travel on old US highways.  

My goal on the way home was to meet up with friends at the Roving GTG in AL.

After the GTG, i needed to head northwest to the Chicago, IL area to visit family before heading east for more family visiting and eventually home.

This general description of my travels explains the large gap of not visiting any states between IL and UT.

Although I visited less states than last year I did enjoy my trip along the Texas border with Mexico.  This is the second year I didn't get to Big Bend because of the weather,  I guess I will need to try again next year.



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