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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Prius Tire Chains

I traveled last year without tire chains for my Prius.  Last year there were places I could not travel without having chains and I am going back to Park City Utah in March to spend a week with one of my sons and family.  Last year I stayed in Salt Lake City and didn't drive up the mountains of weather was bad or left early of snow was coming in.

This year I am staying with the family at a rental house so I need to be more prepared for dealing with snow.

I chose a more aggressive tire chain (not wire cable) that uses chain links and they crisscross for better traction.

When I got the chains I noticed I had bought a tire chain for my Prius that has a bonus.  It will also work off road.

Now I traveled last year without getting stuck but but not without worry.  I crossed many a wet and dry wash and traveled on some sandy roads that could have been problematic for the low clearance Prius.

Now I have an option to help me if I spin my front drive wheels on BLM and Forest Service Land, as long as I don't hang up the body of the car.


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