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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Comparing 2014 and 2015 Travels

             2014                     2015

The biggest difference between the two travels was the cost of gasoline shown in the pie as red.

Pleas also keep in mind that in 2014 I traveled 13,600 miles and in 2015 I traveled nearly 6,000 miles more at 19,450 miles, so if the travel was the same the distance the pie shape for 2014 gas costs would have been much more exaggerated.

In 2014 I drove my Class B Campervan 

In 2015 I drove my Prius I converted into a Campervan.

I specifically bought this Class B for my travels and although I knew the cost of gas was going to be significant after I got to Arazona the first time I knew I needed to watch every mile I drove.  Eventually I decided where I would go based on the value of the cost of fuel.  I missed out going places due to cost.  Everything out west is hundreds of miles apart and at 10 miles to the gallon if I drove 100 miles to see something it cost between $35 and $45 dollars depending if I was in AZ or CA.  Then the same price to get back to where I was staying.  I would weigh in my head, "Is it worth it?"

I started to feel bad about my carbon footprint as I headed home.  I became much more environmentally aware of what I was personally doing.

I liked the Campervan and it is extremely viable as a regional vehicle but not a cross country vehicle.

I knew my future travels would be cross country so I sold the Class B when I got home.

Yes gas was cheaper in 2015 vs 2014 and this could be adjusted in the numbers but what's the point.  

This 52.1 mpg average fuel consumption and my ending Milage (add 10K) says it all.

When I was headed home in my Class B I was already thinking about 2015 Travels and I had read about Suanne's Travels in her Prius and a man who now lives in VA who was also traveling in his Prius.

I set my sights on getting a Prius.  I lucked out finding a 2011 with 8,000 miles on it last July and I bought it for $16,000 also knowing that I travel all year and would save on fuel too.

Why did I wait so long?  I know there is an image about Prius drivers going slow and a political affiliation, but for me it was about cost and the environment.

I set out to modify my Prius into a Campervan and the rest is 2015 Travels History.

The biggest difference is the gas cost in comparison and I did/drove whatever/wherever I wanted, not once worrying about fuel costs.

The total cost difference is impressive.

I was thinking of traveling with a camper on my Tacoma truck next year getting I figure 19 mpg but I haven't been able justify the advantage for cost reasons as long as I am traveling by myself.

Below is the detailed spending for 2014 Travels

Below is the spending for the 2015 Travels.




  1. this is the best blog on prius travel/living. the care you put into keeping the numbers and data are what make it so useful. My question is how does one find a great prius for sale like the one you have? what advice would you have for anyone starting the search for a second-hand prius? thanks so much, safe travels! Chet on Cape Cod.

    1. Chet,

      Thant you for the feedback on my post. I do try to give real life experience living in my Prius for my yearly travels.

      The technique I use looking for my used cars, and I've bought a lot this way is to have a group of dealers that I trust within 50 miles of me that I check their inventory daily.

      The employees that post new used inventory often post as soon as the trade is made and often a day before they even clean the car for sale. I am quick about being their the next morning ready to buy if the vehicle is good. Although a bit more expensive, I often look for lease returns, but I do by older used cars that are in good condition.

      I have three Toyota dealers that are straight shooters around me that I have used to purchase.

      I may be lucky but this evening inventory checking gets me vehicles the next am. There are others that do the same so the early bord often gets the worm.