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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Such A Deal - Sonic

My son says, “Let’s go to Sonic for lunch.”  

We were out with the girls (granddaughters) for adventures.  To say my Maryland son’s life is full of adventures is an understatement.  Before I get to MD we email, he creates and sends calendar items for me to add to my calendar.  Then we have impromptu things like lunch at Sonic.  He hands me a laminated card with punchout discount coupons and says if you see something then punch it out.

I decided on the buy one hotdog and get one free.

I brought the coupon to the counter and ordered as you see above with large unsweetened iced tea and the bill with coupon came to a low low price of $1.22.  I couldn’t believe it as I should pay for one hotdog and the large drink.  I tell the order taker the price didn’t seem right, but he was indicating that it’s what it came up to.  Not to argue or hold up the line I paid the $1.22 and enjoyed my hotdog

Here are the two hotdogs and drink that I got for my $1.22.

Yup, such a deal.


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