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Thursday, June 2, 2016

Morphing From Prius-Living to Prius Car

Every summer I evolve out my Vandwelling modifications and transform my Prius back into a passenger car again.

It looks like a lot of stuff but it's not.

The sleeping bag and sleeping pad take up a lot of room but they are rolled up and put into their respective bags.  The Engel Compressor Fridge stays for use during my summer driving travels.

Taking out the articulating plywood platforms (one each side) that bolts to the rear seat backets and removing the protective floor platform under them takes the most time.

Above are my plywood pieces removed from the Prius.  The bar with white blocks  mounts using threaded and non threaded holes on the Prius floor under the seat cushion.  This is a piece of aluminum angle bar that uses the blocks attached to support the aluminum in the middle so it doesn't bend out of shape.

Note all plywood is 1/2" and this design is the lightest weight and fully supports me with no problems.

Above I have bolted the seat backs in and I'm sliding the seat cushion into place.  The seat reinstalation is simple.

Removing my fresh water storage tank is also easy.  Just drain the water and unscrew the white plastic storage bin from the water tank and take the parts out..

In all it takes about 1 hour to convert the Prius.  Of course vacuuming and washing things will take a second hour.

I do not remove the curtains, although not hard to take off, but I sometimes use them for privacy during car travels.

My goal was always to restore the Prius back to its original vehicle status.

I know some of you have kept your back seats in for your travels.  I can say that removing the seats adds so much space for living and it isn't hard to do at all.

Making the plywood platforms by designing and testing and cutting and recutting takes the time but once it's done the ease of conversion is well worth it.

If you travel in a car other than a Prius, I would suspect you could make a similar backseat design to what I have made.

Oh, one more thing.  I leave my Prius house battery setup installed year round as I use it for my car driving travels.

The same is true with the Prius 12 volt battery connections.  They stay in year round too.

After removing my Vandwelling things I took a trip to Vermont and yes I got 64.5 MPG on the way back to MA.

Of course I have to pay attention to my driving to get this Milage but I ask what are you getting?


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