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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Prius Bumper Repair

My Prius bumper had been scraped & brused by the privious owner & then by me on my 2015 Travels.  Then in Kansas on the way home in April, at a park campground, in the fog, I dented it by bunking the 4x4 post with the site number on it, leaving early morning darkness, in very dense fog.

I didn't see the post because of fog, darkness and the front drivers pillar blocking the view.  

The Autobody shop in town offered to take the dent out by heating the plastic bumper wrap but with all the scrapes and dings I decided to replace it.

I'm all ready to start my 2016 Travels in January but I need to find a solutuon from hitting / scraping / dragging the bottom over curb stops.

Solution to follow.

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