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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Less than a month to 2015 travels

I have been getting ready for Christmas and my trip that is less than a mint away. Getting the Prius ready has been no small task even though it's a small car.  

My hardest job is to become a minimalist by thinking about the least amount of things to bring at the smallest form factor possible.  Even with the rear seats removed space will be a premium.  

Utilization of space available is the game plan.  Finding square items that use less space has been interesting, but accomplished.

I look forward to showing everyone the conversion with no holes being drilled in the Prius, that was also a goal.  I did not want to change the Prius in any way that would be permanate, unless I really had to.  So far so good.

How to have privacy in the rear was another chalange that I only solved this past weekend with some clips I made for the curtains.

I needed to buy some cooking things to save space.  This saved a lot as another goal is to keep from moving things from my sleeping area to my sitting area each time I move.  This is not what I wanted to do for 3 months.  I think I have a good handle on this although not totally resolved yet.

I was asked about a trailer hitch carrier or roof carrier and yes these would be possible, I didn't want to do it as a crutch to carry stuff I use once or twice, or like last year when I shipped things home to make space in the campervan.  My Priusvan will be much leaner but in se ways better.  As a woman who has been using her Prius to do this for years, if a backpacker can carry what they need we in a Prius should be able to figure it out.

Now to packing everything and see what doesn't fit and then the decision on what goes and what stays.

There will be some pictures soon with my solutions.


  1. My plan was to remove the front seat the center console in my Gen 2 prius and to remove the 60% of the rear seating. One problem we had a flood and all my stuff was ruined. Last time this area flooded was back in the 80s this is a rare event. My car is old 2007 so its value is very small compared to other rides out there so for it to serve me as a personal tent is fitting. If it weren't for the flood I would have been able to reset my car with the seats and sold it as a regular old trade when I wanted to. I did come across a good deal in Lafayette la another 2007 with 150 K miles and under $3K asking price these cars are super cheap now that the 4th generation has come out. Great blog thanks for keeping it open I was impressed with your car and your prospective to problem solving.

    1. Sean,

      I too wanted to keep my Prius in a state that I can trade someday. This is why I worked hard to design my travel solutions the way I did to convert my Prius to a Campervan and back to family car when I return home. The key for me was to using the mounting/tooling holes that the Prius had to mount my customized rear seat platforms.

      Have a great summer and hope no floods in your future.