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Saturday, December 28, 2013

Having a Travel Image

Business Card
Business Card

I like travel, meeting people, and writing about my experiences. As Fire Chief I got a lot of satisfaction from writing the Fire Department Update for 15 years. This new phase if my life will be to set a direction of what I may want to do in retirement or semi retirement. I am an adjunct professor at Mount Wachusett Community College and will be teaching an independent study while on this trip. I want to do this to learn about teaching while on the road.  I did teach a distance learning course in Fire Investigation last spring.  Doing it on the road should be interesting.  I have had a couple suggest I consider a couple part time work situations.  I am even open to working here and there on my trip.  I would do it just for the fun and experiences and of course meeting interesting people.

Meeting people is a goal of mine.  In fact I will try to meet someone new everyday.  I want to write about them.  Who the are and what makes them unique.  This is a lofty goal, but I will not be writing biographies, just their story.  This is why I need an image and business card.  I want people to take me seriously and offer their story.

Those of you that follow this blog will get the view I get when you read about each person I interview.  My writing doesn't stop here.  I plan to be busy writing about my adventures on places I go and things I see.  Another tall task and possibly much more than you want to be reading.  Since I set out on my planning for this trip, many I have spoken to have said I have always wanted to do this or plan on doing it one day.  There is a deep interest in people to travel and have adventures.  I have been so lucky in my life to have had great jobs and diversified experiences traveling around the world.  Much of my travels have been alone and this gives me platform to venture off by myself for 3.5 months.  I am also a true road worrier when it comes to technology.  I have been carrying a mobile device for so many years that the first weighed about 10 lbs.  It had a text screen of 24 lines and built in thermal printer.

I will be very connected during the trip the best way is to email me or plan to leave a phone message. When I stop I will do my best to catch up on the days mail.  You are welcome to write me and tell me what is going on in Westminster, family, friends, and ask questions.  Remember that I am not running away just on an adventure to return to Academy Hill and Westminster and of course our camp in Vermont.

If you have any troubles with this blog please let me know as I am learning and want my work to be worth the effort.

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