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Friday, January 18, 2019

Posting Pictures Problem Solved - Blogger Issues

I stopped by the Quartzsite Library after Disc Golf today to resolve the issue of posting pictures to my Google Blogspot Account.

After eliminating AT&T potential throttling as an issue using WIFI, I looked and found a Blogger App that I use to post stating the problem.  I updated all apps before I left but here I was with a problem days into my travels.

This does not address the reason I can reply to comments, so I will try to address that in the next day.

Thank you for your patience and letting me know of the problem.

I appreciate your following the blog.

Please continue to write me emails until I let you know I’ve fixed the ability to reply to your comments.

Now I’m backed up on posts, so I will see about catching up.


Problems Posting To Blogger


Sorry folks but I’m having problems posting to Blogger withpictures.  

I don’t yet understand the reason but this has happened before and I’ve never figured it out. 

Please contact me via email as I’m unable to reply to comments since I started me 2019 Travels.


2019 Small Car Living Gathering At RTR

My friends Suanne, David, and John all partipated in this year’s Small Car Living Gathering at RTR with their Prius’s.  I was once part of a foursome, but I diverted to my Tacoma / FWC camper last year.

I have a special place in my heart for that way of life.  Three years at 4 months each I lived in my Prius in the road.  That’s living a Prius for a whole year! It was honestly a great experience.  

My desire to move to a pop up truck camper came with a desire for ability to travel less traveled roads in Utah, that the Prius couldn’t go.

It was great seeing my original Prius Friends and to see newer ones.  Missing is Nancy who got stuck in a snow storm after being delayed leaving for the RTR.

Above is a Honda with a pop up roof that was of interest to many.

Then there was this Toyota with a roof rack with a water storage system that can be pressurized to take hot showers.  Black pipe absorbs heat and under pressure it will squirt through a nozzle.

There were other Prius’s there, with one that carries a in-demand hot water heater.  

It was a fun afternoon meeting andvtalking to folks.  You never know, I may be seen in a Prius again some day.


Thursday, January 17, 2019

Where Did I Camp At RTR

The RTR moved further up Mitchell Mine Road here in Quartzsite, AZ from last year.  Above is the general layout in an area not used as part of the general 14 Day camping.  It was allowed for the Cheap RV Living organizer Bob Wells.  

Knowing the logistics of access through one entrance, I along with many others, stayed in the old RTR area just back down the road towards I10.  I actually camped in same road, off the main road, as I did last year, but closer to the main road.  I’m about a 10 minute walk up the road to the main stage.

I moved around to get better solar and get away from people that run their generator on and off all night.

Here is an aerial view of the main RTR area and above the yellow line is the old area.  I’m parked with friends off the road going to the top right of the pucture. (This picture is from social media)

Above is a zoomed in on the larger picture above and I am parked to the right above the trailer in the center.  To the left of me are two of my previous RTR friends.

The RTR is nearly over and it’s about 1 mile across the RTR from where I am.

There are plenty of places to park and you can park like I did and then move as your needs fit.  

I ended up parking in the ParTR area where they party till 2 am but they are way down the road and I can barely hear them.  The generators that big rigs run are the problevwhen they start and stop all night.  You don’t argue just move.


Tuesday, January 15, 2019

How Many Can You Fit Into FWC Fleet Camper?

Above is my neighborhood at the RTR.

Who would think that my Fleet model For Wheel Camper could fit all my friends in the camper.  Joanne is in a Freightliner Sprinter style van, Susan is in a Toyota RAV4, and David is in a Dodge Caravan.

It gets dark early and turns cool when the sun goes down and sitting outside without a fire gets cold.  I have opted to even cook for everyone too.

My Fleet has a long bench on the passenger side, where I sleep on it most nights.  This bench wraps around to the counter giving even more sitting room.

So, how many fit in my FWC camper?

4 Adults and1Full-size Poodle

The poodle on the floor and 8 adult feet take up all the floor space.

We could actually fit a couple more adults in if I jumped up on the bed above the cab and remove some things on the floor and  there would be 2 more seats available below on the bench.  

It’s tight / cozy, but we did it and allowed us to extend our day visiting into the evening.

My bench design turned out to be nice feature of my FWC camper.


Friday, January 11, 2019

Antenna Pole For Four Wheel Camper

The reason I have a Tacoma and Four Wheel Camper in place of my wonderful Prius campervan is that I want to go places that require 4x4 and high clearance, mostly in Utah but some places in Arizona.  These places I go have poor or no cell service or television.

Even here in Quartzsite, AZ, mounting the television antenna on my FWC rooftop bracket will not pull in a signal.

My friend Joanne had better service from cell towers with her amplifier antenna on top of her sprinter.  My cell amplifier antenna on top of my camper was much less effective.

I decided on making an antenna pole holder using the jack bracket on the passenger rear of the camper.  I used pvc pipe with a cap on the bottom and holes and stainless hardware through the jack bracket’s 3 holes.

Inserted in the PVC pipe is an 4 foot to 8 foot painters pole from my local True Value hardware store. I needed to remove the blue handle end so pole will fit in the PVC pipe.

I then found an adapter on Amazon from corse painter pole thread to 3/4” black pipe thread adapter. (above)

This allowed me to get a short piece of black pipe threaded on both ends to insert into the painters pole adapter and a 3/4” black pipe flange from Home Depot. (Above)

This antenna pole with the cast iron pipe flange is perfuct for magnetic antenna base. Therefore, the pole can be used for my flat TV Antenna I made with magnetic base, (as shown) my cell phone amplifier antenna, and now that I have my ham radio license my ham radio antenna. 

This antenna pole has worked great with TV here in Quartzsite, so I suspect I will have better reception for when I’m off grid in Utah.

One of the advantages of the Truck/Camper combination over the Prius is being able to carry and use antennas this way.


Thursday, January 10, 2019

2019 Lake Havasu City Hot Air Balloon Festival

Each year Lake Havasu City, AZ hosts a Hot Air Baloon Festival while the RTR is going on.  The last few years that I wanted to attend the weather was poor, but this year the weather is exceptionally nice.  Temperature is about 70 deg with full sunshine and it was time to attend.

I drove up from Quartzsite, AZ and the RTR to take one night away to view the evening liftoffs in Lake Havasu City.

Like a number of others who came to to view the assents, I chose to take pictures from the top of  famous London Bridge.  Yes, the London Bridge was purchased from the City of London, disassembled, shipped, and delivered to the new City of Lake Havasu, and finally reassembled to attract tourists.

Just look at the beautiful blue sky.

I bet the city founders, depicted in the statues on the east side of the bridge, would be happy with all the great events the city has during the years

I descended the bridge to the boardwalk below and was lucky to catch this picture of one of the balloons through one of the bridges arches.

It was a great evening watching the balloons with the others in the bridge and I’ll spend the night at one of the BLM lands used for camping.  Tomorrow I head back to the RTR and seeing some more friends that arrived today.